Support People

To provide care and support to people who are in sick and dying condition especially those who are in their last breath.


Provide Shelter

To establish permanent shelter homes for abandoned men and women at our own building which helps to reach more number of needy people and also the building going to be an asset for the trust. Through which we are able to provide auspice care and proper care and compassion for the people who are in their last breath.


Funeral Ceremony

To provide dignified death to the unclaimed and uncared by performing final rites accordance with their religious sentiments  and proper burial procedures.


We provide funeral services to

  • The individuals who are admitted at Governemnt Hospitals and they die without any care taker and their death is unnoticed and their bodies are unclaimed and it is kept in mortuary as unclaimed bodies
  • Aged and mentally challenged especially those who live and die on the streets and pavements. They are also unnoticed and unclaimed by no one and LIFE trust takes their bodies and do all the rituals give their dignified death.
  • Those who die in train accidents and bodies lie in between railway tracks (i.e suicidal cases) and unclaimed bodies are taken care by LIFE trust to bury them in the burial grounds after the police and other government lagal formalities.
  • Those who die in road accidents (i.e. addressless persons) and HIV infected bodies are also taken care by LIFE trust and ensure to provide proper dignified death for all of them.

We provide shelter to

  • Needy and people without care taker and shelter
  • Provide care and support till their last breath