Our Background

Leading India for Equality (LIFE) trust works for the underprivileged poor people those who are neglected and abandoned by the society.  LIFE trust provides care and compassion for them in the time of their last breath with dignity, food and shelter.  Through this service the needy people are able to feel peace and calm while dying though no one from their family provides them basic care and concern in their death bed.

Also the trust caters its voluntary service to bury unclaimed dead bodies which are lying in the Hospitals, roadside, bus stands, railway stations, railway tracks, platforms, inmates of home for aged and HIV infected dead bodies through the support of police, revenue, railway and other government departments.  LIFE Trust follows all the required legal formalities to bury the dead bodies as per the procedures.   So far, the trust has buried 1773 unclaimed and abandoned dead bodies from various places.

Also LIFE trust initiated livelihood skill development program like tailoring, computer education to poor young boys and girls to make them to earn on their own though they are not able to complete their school education but through this skill development programs the trust has brought considerable changes in their lives.